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Winter Box

A new year has begun and we are ready to amaze you every month.

The Winter box is a real explosion of taste to warm up these long winter days.

We have selected the best products of the Italian tradition, which are never lacking on our tables during this season, to be enjoyed together with the whole family.

This is the month to month GIFT option.

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Pearl Spelt

Producer: Casale 1485

Spelled is a cereal of ancient origin, already used in the past by Roman armies. Today it has been rediscovered and is used to prepare tasty soups and soups. Casale1485 pearl spelled does not need to soak and cook in 20 minutes.

Cerasuolo Wine Vinegar

Producer: Il Feudo Delle Ginestre

From the best Feudo delle Ginestre Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes they do 100% Montepulciano with love and care, then trasform it into this vinegar according to an old family recipe left to me by mother. The result  is a deep, cherry-red colored vinegar is a “strong and gentle”.

Extra jam of Montepulciano grapes

Producer: Il Feudo Delle Ginestre

Feudo delle Ginestre’s mission is to intervene on grapes, revolutionizing the way products are packaged. Each jar has its own “personality” thanks to the particular selection of Montepulciano grape varieties. Ideal to accompany ricotta, fresh cheeses and aged cheeses.

Cornmeal mush

Producer: Casale 1485

The Casale1485 Quick Cornmeal mush is ready in 3 minutes, does not create lumps and immediately reaches the right consistency. It is ideal for those who have very little time to spend in the kitchen, but do not want to take away the pleasure of enjoying a traditional Italian dish.

Heart of Chestnut

Producer: Fidani Healty Food

Chestnuts are a food with a high energy value, useful in autumn and winter to recover the physical strength.The chestnut heart cookie is perfect for your breakfast or for your afternoon break in front of a cup of tea.A biscuit designed for everyone because gluten-free, lactose-free and without egg.

Coffee Break

Producer: Fidani Healty Food

Small, but full of taste! Coffee Break is born from the union of cocoa and coffee. Perfect for a snack or as a light dessert because it does not contain gluten and lactose.



Serves up to 4 people.

  • IMPORTED from small local producers in Italy